A few words form a computer repairs technician in Brisbane:

Technology has been transforming businesses in Brisbane for a long time now. In particular, computer repairs businesses. Currently, it is almost impossible to run a business without technology. Some of the necessary technology does not come cheap. Therefore, it is only logical that you try and cut costs whenever possible. An ideal means of achieving this is by getting open source alternative for the expensive commercial software. And to make this even more stress-free we have rounded up some of the excellent open software for a small business. These are some of the solutions a well know Brisbane computer repairs service are adopting.

Keep in mind that these solutions only apply to your regular windows installations and not advanced setups like business website hosting servers. This is a bit of a problem for your every day web designer brisbane expert, as finding decent server technicians in Brisbane is pretty hard these days. That’s why website design companies can rely on great businesses like Computer Fixperts to fix their issues.

LibreOffice Office Suite

Microsoft Office is principally the heart and soul of any business. Its importance in business is reflected in its pricing; Microsoft Office doesn’t come cheap. That is why you should consider its open source alternative, LibreOffice. LibreOffice has the same general functionality of Microsoft Office. It, however, comes to you free of charge.  LibreOffice works with standard Microsoft Office files and easily integrates online storage with offline content management systems.

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Thunderbird Email

Email is an requisite tool for communication in any computer repairs Brisbane business. In spite of there being various email clients both free and paid, Microsoft Outlook is quite popular among users. When purchased separately, the cost of Outlook per user is about $95. You can save yourself this money by using Thunderbird for emails. From the developers of Firefox Web browser, Mozilla, Thunderbird has all the comprehensive email features in addition to customizable add-ons.

Lightning Calendar

When it comes to scheduling important events meetings, appointments and deadlines among other business operations on your laptop computer, every business needs a robust calendar. Many Brisbane computer enterprises rely on Microsoft Office Outlook to manage their days. As we have already established, this can be quite expensive especially for a small business. Mozilla has the best open source tool to replace Outlook calendar. Lightning helps a business schedule events and tasks as well as integrating with Thunderbird to help in managing their days. It capability is also expandable through add-ons.

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TurboCASH Accounting

Quickbooks is the program that most businesses use to keep their books whilst on their computer or laptop. However, commercial Quickbooks options are not cheap. That’s why you possibly will want to consider using TurboCASH. Like Quickbooks, it lets you manage proposals and quotes, accounts payable and receivable, invoicing, debtors, creditors, bank reconciliation, etc. It also has comprehensive report features and can be configured to any world currency and industry.

OpenProj Project Management

Keeping any project moving involves keeping many small but integral cogs moving. It requires you to manage and allocate budget, personnel, and all the necessary resources. You will have to monitor milestones and deadlines. With Microsoft project, you will easily accomplish this but for this you will have to part with about $456 per user. So why not go for the free equivalent, OpenProj? It will offer similar capabilities and functionality in addition to a gentle learning curve. Among the features available are work and resource breakdown structure as well as PERT and Gant charts among many others.

Though many businesses have their first experience with open source when they first deploy Linux-based servers, many have successfully installed and used open source software on Windows desktops. This has proven to be a great money saver for them.

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