As you know, we have now transformed this site in to a helpful tech resource site for software. However, these are the services we used to offer before moving on:

The keys to a successful implementation of a mission critical system like TSSM are database configuration and staff in-service training.

“Plan your day according to your goals. Work your day according to your plan!” Dale Carnegie.
The level of quality in planning for a management system is directly related to the results. It is impossible to implement all facets of the software in a short period of time. The planning process should be developed along with timelines assigned to each phase.

Implementation consultation and configuration

The complete Tera Systems system includes:
  • A review of your existing policies, procedures and forms.
  • Software installation and configuration on your file server.
  • Creating your district’s Special Education forms using our interactive forms development toolkit
  • On-going consulting and database configuration adjustments based on the district’s changing needs.
  • New feature enhancements that reflect new technologies and advanced special education practices.

Computer Training

Training, training and more training — most users never receive enough! At Tera Systems, we realize how important adequate software training is to your success, so we work with our users to provide training opportunities at their sites throughout the school year.
The complete Tera Systems package of support includes planning assistance for software implementation and installation; software licensed for installation on your classroom computer, your office computer and your home computer; three levels of training for users; and a full year of technical supportAdvanced system training for key personnel using the “train the trainer” model. Basic user training for teachers.
The three levels of training provided in the standard Tera Systems contract are:

  1. Pre-Implementation Training for specified users throughout the district
  2. Advanced System Training for key personnel using the “train the trainer” model
  3. Basic User Training for teachers