These were some of our previous products (Now no longer offered):

Tera Systems Student Manager

Tera Systems Student Manager (TSSM) is our new, state-of-the-art special education software. TSSM’s infrastructure adapts to change allowing you to access its data through a variety of connectivity solutions. Use of our software has been documented to reduce the time spent on required paperwork and administration by 35% or more. This translates into an estimated savings of more than $800 per student per year in teacher time alone!
TSSM builds upon the success of its predecessor software, MasterTrack Student Manager (now being phased out) and takes it to new heights — specifically, the Internet! TSSM boasts an even more user-friendly interface and offers many features not available through MasterTrack, including the capability to manage student data and generate required paperwork over the Internet from a PC or a Mac.
TSSM evolved in response to the varied requirements of the individual school districts we serve. While the special education process is fundamentally the same from district to district, the forms and letters generated from this process are unique within each district. Thus, while we develop and maintain a common core of database elements dictated by state and federal requirements, we customize related functions such as all forms and letters. Other features commonly used by many of our school districts include Medicaid processing, medical information, transportation scheduling, discipline records, state child-count reporting, and cost-accounting/invoicing.
When it comes to special education, what is true today is seldom true tomorrow. The challenge we at Tera Systems enthusiastically accept is to provide each of our clients with a customized and dynamic special education solution that exceeds their changing needs. Different interpretations of state and federal guidelines by local districts also require modifications to the system. These enhancements are handled swiftly and are made available online to our clients.
We pride ourselves on our technical support as well. When it becomes necessary to call for support, users find that our support staff can usually resolve all issues immediately. More than 95% of our calls are answered and resolved without the user’s needing to leave a message!

TSSM Features

Comprehensive Software for All Users
  • Management of all student paperwork.
  • Ability to personalize and maintain district-defined goals and objectives.
  • Ability to store and retrieve all standard text.
  • Customized as well as standard reporting options using Crystal Reports.
  • Ability to transfer data from PC to PC.
  • Cost-accounting features that assist in billing and invoicing.
Installation and Planning Assistance.
  • Incorporation of District-defined forms into TSSM.
  • Conversion and transfer of pre-existing special education data.
  • Automatic lookups to other District data such as regular education and transportation.
Onsite Training.
  • Pre-Implementation training for specified users throughout the district.
  • Advanced training for individuals using the train-the-trainers model.
  • Basic training for all teachers
System Support.
  • Unlimited toll-free phone technical support
  • Email and web-based support
  • Online help menus

MasterTrack Student Manager

MasterTrack Student Manager debuted in the mid-1990s using the latest software-development tools available at that time. Thanks to the rapid growth of the Internet and the development of exciting new software technologies, many new capabilities have since become available. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to upgrade MasterTrack to take advantage of these features — the tools with which it was developed are simply not up to the task.For this reason, Tera Systems is in the process of replacing MasterTrack with its new, technologically superior special-education software, Tera Systems Student Manager (TSSM). Identical to MasterTrack in many respects, TSSM offers an even more user-friendly interface and the ability to handle many tasks over the Internet.

We will continue to support and maintain the December 1 child count state download requirements as well as provide technical support to current-version MasterTrack users through December 2001. After June 30, however, there will be no further updates or enhancements to MasterTrack.