Cloudburst Capacity

With cloud computing, older computing constraints of location, time and deployment time are broken. Cloud bursting allows access to extra capacity during peak periods which many businesses are finding quite useful.

A startup that doesn’t have the capital for infrastructure will find cloud very helpful. However most large organizations have concerns about data sovereignty, privacy and security given that with cloud you can’t pinpoint exactly where the data is being processed and stored.


A real application of cloud is in the service industry where it is possible to set up a seamless customer service platform. This way a small enterprise is able to carry out business, in the same way, a big business would despite the apparent financial capabilities between the two enterprises. It also saves labor and administrative costs.

As a business needs flexible and agile technology, cloud is slowly phasing out owing and depreciation of IT assists. The expenditure model that cloud affords a company makes it possible to use only that which they require when they desire it on a variable cost base. This is probably why SME are on the forefront of embracing cloud technology since they don’t need to own the technology required.

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